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Most biomass gasification systems use air instead of oxygen for the gasification reactions (which is typically used in large-scale industrial and power gasification plants). Gasifiers that use oxygen require an air separation unit to provide the gaseous/liquid oxygen; this is usually not cost-effective at the smaller scales used in biomass gasification plants. > Get A Quote >

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Nov 11, 2011· SFC - Soot Free Combustion is a co-current fixed bed gasifier that can gasify biofuels and biomass of any kind. It not only provides better combustion, it is also much more fuel flexible than > Get A Quote >

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Clients can avail assistance regarding eco-friendly practices and energy conservation through means of biomass gasification, anaerobic digestion, use of alternate fuels, energy saving solutions and installation of products. With the focus on quality, we have been able … > Get A Quote >

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We are recognized as biomass gasifier, Industrial Biomass Gasifiers and Coal Gasifiers and are empowered by our endeavor of undertaking continuous research activities, which facilitates product innovation in line with emerging market trends. Besides, we hold fast to a cardinal business objective that entails us to provide technologically-advanced products and tailor-made services that are efficient, … > Get A Quote >

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Biomass gasification has a continuing role in providing access to electricity, and an increasing number of companies in Asia and elsewhere are producing gasifiers for this purpose. Governments also recognise the value of gasification in using local agricultural residues to replace high-carbon and increasingly expensive fossil fuels. > Get A Quote >

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Our biomass gasifier technology is approved by Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (Government of India) and also tested & approved by Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and Mumbai. We are also undertaking the thermal projects as well as providing power production from agricultural waste technology and are also one of the leading coal mill manufacturers in India. > Get A Quote >

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[PDF]Biomass gasification can achieve higher efficiencies in generating electricity and lower emissions compared to combustion technologies. Further, gasification increases the possible uses of biomass since the product gas has value not just as a fuel in itself, but also as a feedstock to produce other fuels, such as ethanol and hydrogen, and as a > Get A Quote >

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Commercial gasifiers of GE Energy, CB&I E-Gas™ and Shell SCGP are examples of entrained-flow types. Fixed-or moving-bed gasifiers include that of Lurgi and British Gas Lurgi (BGL). Examples of fluidized-bed gasifiers include the catalytic gasifier technology being commercialized by Great Point Energy , the Winkler gasifier , and the KBR > Get A Quote >

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There are various studies on agro-industrial biomass gasification including various types of fruit kernels. Among these, peach stones depict a prominent biomass source, easily available in the Mediterranean region, particularly in Portugal. > Get A Quote >

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Downdraft Biomass Gasification Our patented designs allow us to build the world’s largest downdraft gasifier. These major size and throughput increases let our customers capture much better economies of scale, and drastically improve the financial returns over what the technology historically offered. > Get A Quote >


[PDF]gasifier, which can handle low density and leafy biomass materials like sugarcane leaves and bagasse, and its subsequent tests in an actual user-industry. Its techno-economic feasibility analysis has also been presented in this paper. > Get A Quote >