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Power plant requirements for desuperheated steam supplying units having limited operating temperatures such as auxiliaries, heating systems, heat exchangers and more recently, dump stations. To improve heat transfer of surface-type exchangers. Reduction and control of super heated steam, where excess temperatures will harm the product. > Get A Quote >

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Dec 26, 2017· Desuperheaters are crucial components used in the thermal management of heat from power generation sources to industrial uses in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. When gas is used for heating or > Get A Quote >

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Desuperheaters are typically used to reduce and condition the temperature of superheated steam in power plants, which is often used as an energy source for mechanical power generation in steam turbines. In plants that generate steam for both power generation, and process applications, the generated steam has to be diverted directly to the process side, for instance when the power … > Get A Quote >

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Desuperheater - Desuperheater is a device used to cool the steam in a power plant. When steam is used for mechanical power plant such as driving the turbine rotor by expanding across turbine blades, it will be more efficient when the steam is superheated. > Get A Quote >

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Benefits of Superheaters in Boilers. Increase in efficiency of the steam power plant. Minimized erosion of turbine blade. Less steam consumption. Reduction of condensation loss in the boiler steam pipes. Increases the temperature of saturated steam by removing entrained water particles from turbines steam. > Get A Quote >

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Apr 21, 2018· In power plant, the temperature and pressure of main steam is too high. For gland seeling and deareator we need low pressure and temp steam. So we will take bled from turbine and send it through prds in order to achieve required parameters for … > Get A Quote >


[PDF]attemperators/ desuperheaters and the current approach to desuperheater selection are reviewed. Fundamental principles contend with fossil-fuel powered steam power plants. Over the years, this > Get A Quote >

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A superheater is a device used to convert saturated steam or wet steam into superheated steam or dry steam. Superheated steam is used in steam turbines for electricity generation, steam engines, and in processes such as steam reforming. There are three types of superheaters: radiant, convection, and separately fired. A superheater can vary in size from a few tens of feet … > Get A Quote >

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Deciphering Desuperheater Failures The "combined" portion of a combined-cycle plant is the heat-recovery steam generator (HRSG) that generates high-pressure and … > Get A Quote >

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A desuperheater injects a controlled, predetermined amount of water into a steam flow to lower the temperature of the steam. To achieve this efficiently, the desuperheater must be designed and selected correctly for the application. > Get A Quote >

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Author: Rajesh Kharche CIRCOR International is a global manufacturer specializing in highly engineered, complex and severe environment products that serve long-term, high growth infrastructure markets, including oil and gas, power generation, industrial and aerospace & defense. > Get A Quote >