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The DuoWIN system is based on two of Windhager’s proven biomass boilers, the compact log boiler LogWIN Klassik and the recently launched compact BioWIN2 wood pellet boiler. It takes up just 4.19 sq m of space. The DuoWIN is available as either a comfort or energy-optimised variant. > Get A Quote >

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Biomass boilers are fully automatic appliances, behaving more like an oil or gas boiler, and use advanced controls which cleverly regulate the amount of fuel being delivered to the burner to match the heat demand on the boiler. The fuel is fed to the burner via an auger connected to the adjacent pellet store/hopper. > Get A Quote >

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New Biomass Solution. Birds’ Hill Biomass installed a Froling P4 100kW auto feed wood pellet boiler and silo, in a purpose built outbuilding. The solution is compliant with planning requirements for Grade II* listed property. > Get A Quote >

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Biomass Boilers, Pellet Boilers and Wood burning Stoves; How do Biomass Boilers work; heat pumps and biomass boilers. As from next year, the Renewable Heat Incentive will expand to cover the domestic sector and the Green Deal will come into force, so this is a short-term scheme making one-off payments. A visual inspection of the boiler > Get A Quote >

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Pellet Duo 60-200 KBTU Boiler Includes a Self-igniter Burner, Burn Pellets From Flax, Sunflower Husks, Grains, Cherry Pits and Similar or Any Kind of Manual Feed Biomass - - > Get A Quote >

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We supply & install biomass boilers to suit requirements. Whether you are replacing an old range cooker or an external oil boiler, there is an appropriate biomass stove or boiler to suit every circumstance. Choose your fuel source: pellets, logs, or something with the capability of burning pellets and logs. > Get A Quote >

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The individual solution for your boiler room . The powerful suction turbine in the boiler transports the pellets from the suction head or from the auger into the integrated intermediate pellet store. The patented single-axis rotary valve ensures adequate metering of the fuel and is 100% burnback-proof. > Get A Quote >

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The cost of a biomass boiler. For an average property, it can cost between £8,000 and £15,000 for an automatically-fed pellet boiler. This includes installation, flue, fuel store and VAT. However, a manually-fed log boiler system can be slightly cheaper. The cost of pellets will depend on the method and size of the delivery. > Get A Quote >

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These wood pellet silos are cheap to buy and built to last. There are 1000's of these now across the uk storing pellets for biomass boiler. they range from 0.5 ton to 20 ton in size and come in many different sizes to suit your on site requirements. They are adaptable with herz boilers and can be adapted to many others. > Get A Quote >

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Mar 10, 2020· As with any heating system, pros and cons of biomass boilers are numerous, which is why we research and examined several wood pellet boiler reviews. A boiler like the wood pellet boiler is a great alternative to gas boilers, electric-combi boiler, or oil-fired boilers, for example. Wood fuel is cost effective. Wood pellets are composed of > Get A Quote >

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Oct 17, 2018· If you are unsure about any fault with your Biomass Boiler system then please phone our 24 hour technical support team on 01228 318900. Fault 1 – Water Over Temp – No Heat to property (Boiler hot) – No Circulation. Check the system water pressure gauge (usually at the back of the boiler). > Get A Quote >